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Hattendo – for our employees, Our products – for our customers, Profits – for our future.

Hattendo is a company that plans, makes and sells sweet buns, with a focus on cream buns.
With the motto, “What only Hattendo can do; what only Hattendo can make,” our aim is to realize the development and creation of a new food culture. Every day, we strive to achieve our short-term goal of “A gold medal for our cream buns!” and our medium to long-term goal of “Establishing a sweet bun brand to take great pride in!”
This page is a message for our future colleagues, who will one day join us in building up Hattendo.


Message from Takamasa Morimitsu, Representative Director

The President, Takamasa Morimitsu
Will you help us create a new genre of souvenir bun, as we strive to win a gold medal for our sweet buns?

My name is Takamasa Morimitsu and I am the Representative Director of Hattendo Co., Ltd.

Hattendo is a problem-solving company, a company that takes things and turns them into experiences and then sells them.”
We understand the latent needs of our customers, needs that our customers themselves are not yet aware of, and strive to realize those needs.

Have you ever given serious thought to your own life?
“A person without dreams is a person without ideals. A person without ideals is a person without plans. A person without plans is a person without action. A person without action is a person without success. Hence, a person without dreams will be a person without success.”
These are the words of Yoshida Shoin, a famous samurai at the end of the Edo Shogunate.

If you live a mundane life without goals to aim for, your life will be over before you know it.
You may not experience hardship in such a life, but neither will you achieve anything. What sort of life would that be?
Are you giving serious thought to your life, keeping your goals and your dreams in mind?
The staff here at Hattendo, with the vision of opening up a new food culture to the world, aim to create a company that as many people as possible will be happy to have encountered.
If you have ever, however fleetingly, thought that you would like to take on a challenge, that you would like to try something and make the most of your life, please come and hear what we have to say.

Hattendo’s management philosophy is “Creating great products, great people, and a great company.”
An important element in the creation of great products is interpersonal relationships (communication).
One could even say that work is all about interpersonal relationships. At Hattendo, we hold recreational and other activities once a month, to create an environment where people can grow together while learning in an enjoyable space.

Our corporate spirit is “Spirit of Challenge.”
Maintaining a sense of independence, single-mindedly discovering the value of the task before you and carrying through with that task. This will surely lead to a “spirit of challenge.”
If you always have that spirit of challenge and work hard, it will never be a waste.
The right effort will always reap rewards.
So you too can grasp that good fortune when the time comes, take up those challenges every day.
If you want to take on the challenge of creating a new food culture together with us, we will be waiting for you.

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Our Recruitment Policy

・A family-like corporate culture that values its people.
・An environment with many opportunities for young people.
・The President himself speaks at company information sessions.
・Advertising for future executive candidates.
・No selections are made on written applications alone. Our selections are based on the people themselves.

Message from senior colleagues

Asuka Nakai

Make the most of New Dietary Culture with our Sweets Burger!

  • Asuka Nakai
  • Graduated from Graduate College of Kagoshima University
  • Major Science of Fisheries
  • Quality Management Division, Chief Clerk
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Nario Marume

Here’s the chance to change yourself!

  • Nario Marume
  • Graduated from Minami Kyushu University
  • Department of Dietary Health Education, Faculty of Health and Nutrition
  • In charge of sales at LaQua, Deputy Chief Clerk
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Kana Yokomizu

Assert yourself!
Work can be more valuable if you express your desire!

  • Kana Yokomizu
  • Junior College of Kagawa Nutrition University
  • Dietary Nutrition Science Department
  • In charge of sales at LaQua shop, Chief Clerk
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Kumiko Yamamoto

I was moved by the feeling that “I want to work with them!”

  • Kumiko Yamamoto
  • Graduated from Saga University
  • Environmental Biology Department, Faculty of Agriculture
  • EC division
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Akifumi Kushioka

The most rewarding moment is when I hear one phrase from our customers, that is, “Thank you!”

  • Akifumi Kushioka
  • Graduated Prefectural University of Hiroshima
  • Life Science Department, Faculty of Life and Environment Sciences
  • In charge of sales at LaQua shop, Chief Clerk
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Tadashi Miyagawa

Best Performance with the Best Colleagues. ~Make the Contribution Only We Ourselves Can Make~

  • Tadashi Miyagawa
  • Graduated from Kanagawa University
  • Law Department, Faculty of Law
  • Production Division, Director and Plant Manager
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Nozomi Koshima

We work as a team instead of as an individual. That is Hattendo!

  • Nozomi Eshima
  • Graduated Kyoto University of Foreign Studies
  • Department of British and American Studies, Faculty of Foreign Studies
  • Overseas Division (HSG), Chief Clerk
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Tsuyumi Chiba

Aim at endearing our company to the world!

  • Tsuyumi Chiba
  • Graduated from Okayama University
  • Department of Bio-function, Faculty of Technology
  • Management Division, in charge of orders and shipping, Chief
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Naomi Matsumura

Charge and brush up my knowledge and myself!

  • Naomi Matsumura
  • Graduated Yasuda Women’s University
  • Department of English and English literature, Faculty of Literature
  • Café Management Division, Deputy Chief Clerk
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Tetsuya Honda

Challenge myself every day with the desire to make the most of the New Dietary Culture

  • Tetsuya Honda
  • Graduated Nippon Bunri University
  • Department of Business and Economics, Faculty of Business and Economics
  • Focus on one-product Business Division, Chief Clerk
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Katsuya Nakahara

Here’s the place I’ve wanted to be! Here are the people I have wanted to work with!

  • Katsuya Nakahara
  • Graduated from Yamaguchi University
  • Department of Biological and Environmental Science, Faculty of Agriculture
  • Quality Management Division, Chief
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Yuya Ishii

Believe in myself and that I can achieve and never stop realizing my goals!

  • Yuya Ishii
  • Graduated from Graduate College of Hiroshima University
  • Department of Synthetic Science
  • Overseas Division (HSG) Chief
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Kohei Fujii

Actually I feel every single day is rewarding!

  • Kohei Fujii
  • Fukuyama Heisei University
  • Department of Child Education, Faculty of Welfare and Health
  • Focus on one product at one shop Business Division, Manager
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Kodai Shiomoto

I can be absorbed in even a single thing with this attractive company!

  • Kodai Shiomoto
  • Hiroshima Syudo University
  • Department of Ergonomics, Faculty of Ergonomics
  • Focus on one product at one shop Business Division, Deputy Chief Clerk
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Guidelines for Applicants

Positions Vacant ・Planning and development
・Marketing (domestic / overseas)
・Creative director
・Management strategy
・Human resources consultant candidate
・Executive candidate (responsible for new business)
Duties ・Planning and development
Planning and proposals of new products, product development, commercialization, brushing up of existing products.
Based on the concepts of “product development by subtraction” that is a characteristic of Hattendo, and Schumpeter’s definition of innovation (standards x standards = innovation), we propose and develop new business models for the Hattendo brand.
・Marketing (domestic / overseas)
With centers in Japan and overseas, there are many places for you to shine, including marketing, sales, planning and proposals.
The appeal of marketing at Hattendo includes the opportunity to polish one’s communication skills through negotiations with major buyers and developers, and proposal-based marketing, including BtoB collaborations. Come and help us create a new food culture.
Our motto is “Quality-First, Careful, Efficient and Faster.”
To make our customers happy, with our motto of “developing people who are full of wisdom,” we embody the management philosophy of “Creating great products, great people, and a great company!” We have a Meister program that requires skills and knowledge, which our people work hard to hone on a daily basis to obtain that Meister attain.
・Creative director
The executive manager for product and brand production, who will apply well-honed ideas to solve issues that are directly related to branding, such as concept creation, packaging, naming, sales promotion, advertising, and public relations.
・Management strategy
This position is described as an “intrepreneur,” that is “in-house entrepreneur.”
Intrepreneurs are people who launch new businesses within the company.
This is a special position that reports directly to the President, assisting top management in information gathering and analysis, strategy formation, planning and proposals – areas that will realize the Hattendo vision.

・Human resources consultant candidate
Based on the unique know-how in employee education that we have cultivated at Hattendo, we have plans to launch consulting services for client companies that value their people, in areas such as human resources development, organizational reform, and remuneration package design. Come and help us build an attractive industry image.
・Executive candidate (responsible for new business)
The President himself will provide a thorough education for the leaders of the next generation, who will build up the Hattendo of the future. From their very first year with the company, he will teach our executive candidates about the corporate executive mindset, leadership, and management literacy. It will require a great deal of commitment, but you can grasp the chance to launch new businesses from a young age and be appointed to executive positions!
Beginning Salary Graduated from Junior College or Special School: \190.000
Graduated from University, College, Graduate school: \200.000 (results of 2015)

Allowances Traffic expenses, allowance for qualification acquisition, position allowance, housing allowance, childcare allowance
Pay raise and bonus Screening twice a year (in June and in December)
Bonuses twice a year (in summer time and winter time) (results of 2015)
Days off and Holiday Shift work, 2 days off a week
Perquisites and benefits Employment insurance, industrial injury insurance, health insurance, employee pension, regular health check-up, company retreat, and various events.
Work location Head office 3-31-7 Miyaura, Mihara-City, Hiroshima Prefecture
Factory 10064-189 Yo-kurayama Zennyuji Hongo Mihara-City, Hiroshima
Cafelie 10064-190 Yo-kurayama Zennyuji Hongo Mihara-City, Hiroshima
Branch 80 Robinson Road#10-01A Singapore068898

Working hours 8 hours/day (Work shifts)
Educational program Training for prospective employees, training for newly-hired employees, training external training, in-house training, training for executive trainees.
Recruitment numbers Between 11 and 15 persons
Acceptance of department for application All departments/faculties
Document to submit Résumé
Judging system Written tests and interview
Judging system/Selection methods Written examinations and interview

Contact us for inquiries regarding recruitment


3-31-7 Miyaura Mihara-City, Hiroshima Prefecture
TEL: +81 0848 62 2645 (Main phone)
TEL: +81 080 9792 5033 (General affairs office)

In charge of grad hiring, Mr.Hayashi, and Mr.Horino.

We accept inquiries regarding recruitment by both telephone and email.
Please feel free to ask any questions.


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