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Hattendo Cream Bun

We had been spending the time for over three years through trial and error process, and finally, we’ve achieved.  This is our “Cream bun”.

Want another bite, and even want one another bun!  Such lightness!We wish you’ll enjoy our “Cream Bun” made with by our persistence and challenge.

Cream Bun

Our classic plain Cream Bun, containing a simple, light custard cream mixed with the highest-quality pure fresh cream, is one of our most popular items.

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Premium Frozen Series

So customers all over the country can enjoy our Cream Buns, we have drawn on a method called the Snowmelt Rich Production Method to create products that are even richer in flavor and that melt in the mouth.

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Melon Bun

Lashings of cream inside soft, fluffy bread encased in a crunchy cookie coating. It’s not a sweet, nor is it just a bun. It is a completely new concept, the “sweet bun.”

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Warm Series

When the bun is warmed up, fresh cream and butter blend together to create an indescribably sublime, delicious flavor.

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Enjoy our other products that offer textures and creamy flavors that are a little different from the Cream Bun, such as our new croissants that stay crispy even when chilled, and the Hatten Roll.

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