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Nursery principles

We hope that our children will become “people who can realize their own dreams with their own power.”

And, to that end, we think that the following things are necessary.

Being interested in various things and having the feeling to think and try doing things for themselves

Having feelings of compassion for others and being able to be involved with others in an enjoyable way

 Having an “Emotional Refuge” where children can feel at ease

Management policy

Management policy
Cultivate independence

Independence and the power to think are cultivated by taking on challenges for oneself in exciting experiences.
We plan various activities in accordance with the age and development of the children and provide opportunities for them to experience, but we emphasize the creation of an environment where children want to try things for themselves rather than being made to do things by adults. We foster the power to think and the joy of creating while allowing children to create and develop their play freely.

We value individuality

Impish children, shy children, angry children, crybabies and children with disabilities.
Each and every child shines. We respect the idea of “Only One” always and support children so that they can exhibit their own uniqueness.

Management Policy
We aim to be an “Emotional Refuge,” where feelings of consideration for others are fostered.

Compassion for others is fostered only by receiving compassion yourself.
Our nursery staff accept the feelings of each and every child and connect with them with compassion so that we can be an “Emotional Refuge.”

We value interaction with nature.

We cultivate the feeling of valuing the environment by developing the children’s interest in nature and things like flowers, trees, insects, animals and water.

Nursery program

Nursery program

No additional charges for free program parents and guardians!
Eurhythmics 1 hour a week

Eurhythmics is a nursery education program that has attracted a lot of attention in recent years, and is also famous for being studied by Princess Aiko of the Crown Prince’s family.
We provide a high level educational program in cooperation with the Eurhythmics Research Center.

We nourish the foundation of English education during early childhood with a unique program!

Online English conversation	20 minutes twice a week
Lessons by native speakers using Skype

The children learn in a fun way while communicating face-to-face, enjoying songs and dancing. This is a chance for contact with different cultures and a different language from early childhood and the children can study genuine English.

“Interaction with nature” “Dietary education”
Outdoor activities We cultivate the spirit of valuing the environment by developing the children’s interest in nature!

We go out for a walk once a week on a day when the weather is good!
We cultivate the feeling of valuing the environment by developing the children’s interest in nature and things like flowers, trees, insects, animals and water, and by coming into contact with nature.

Contact With Nature” “Dietary Education (Shokuiku)
Handmade snacks
These are provided every day by the nursery!

We do everything at the nursery, from menu making to food preparation!
The nursery provides handmade snacks in the morning and evening.

Garden activities
These are efforts that give birth to the spirit of appreciation for food and eliminate likes and dislikes!

We grow plants in planters.
This communicates just how much energy is required from people for the ingredients of the food that is eaten every day to end up on our dining tables.
The children acquire the ordinary custom of eating without leaving food behind naturally.

Overview of use and service details

We greatly welcome use by local people!

Nursery name Rinku Nursery
Location 10064-190 Aza Yokurayama, Zennyuji, Hongo-Cho, Mihara, Hiroshima Prefecture
Subject ages / eligibility for use 2 months (after maternity leave) – 2 years old
Children of full-time employees working for Hattendo Co., Ltd. and children certified for childcare by a local authority
Nursery open days and hours Open days: Monday to Saturday
Open hours: 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
※ Days off: Sunday, public holidays, Year-end, New Year (December 29 – January 3)
Quota 12 people
Childcare fees In accordance with local authority regulations
Inquiries (Japanese only)
Rinku NurseryTEL: 0848-86-1850
Supervisor: Ms.Sadashige

Management Department TEL: 0848-62-2645
Supervisor: Mr.Hayashi


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