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Story of Hattendo

The History of Hattendo began in Minatomachi Mihara, Hiroshima in Showa 8.

The first-generation President, Kaoru Morimitsu
Hattendo first started in Mihara, Hiroshima in Showa 8 as a Japanese confectionery shop.

In 1933, life was hard as the Great Depression that originated in the United States swept the world, Kaoru apparently opened the store because he wanted “to cheer people up, even a little, with sweet and delicious Japanese sweets.”

Kaoru passed that motivation down to the second-generation owner, Yoshifumi Morimitsu. When Yoshifumi took over in the late sixties, Japan’s post-war construction was almost complete and the nation had entered its stage of rapid economic growth. It was a brilliant, shining time, when everyone believed they had a wonderful future in store. In the same way that Japan was changing and growing, Yoshifumi introduced Western-style confectionery to Hattendo.

And now, the third-generation owner, Takamasa, is creating a new Hattendo, fusing together Kaoru’s Japanese style and Yoshifumi’s Western style.

The Second-Generation President, Yoshifumi Morimitsu
Make a big development owning ten shops in Hiroshima Prefecture.

After serving a four-and-a-half-year apprenticeship at Freundlieb, a famous German bakery in Kobe, Takamasa took over Hattendo and grew the business into a bakery with as many as ten stores in Hiroshima Prefecture. Along the way, he gradually found himself focusing more on coming up with the next hit product, rather than on making good pastries, and eventually, the line-up at Hattendo’s stores exceeded 100 different items.

Return To The Starting Point

Feeling that he had lost sight of the reasons why Hattendo was Hattendo, Takamasa decided to return to the business’s original intent of “putting smiles on the faces of our customers and everyone working for Hattendo.” He took Hattendo’s original intent, which had been scattered among the many stores and 100 product varieties and decided to concentrate it into a single product. He came up with a single product that embodies what Hattendo is all about.

Takamasa Morimitsu, The Third-Generation President
Serve “Fabulicious” and “Happiness” With being Safe & Secured.

Each and every product must be given full consideration and made with care. That is what Hattendo is all about today. This makes it harder to deliver our products in the quantities that we would like, but we make them with the greatest possible care to ensure the happiness of our customers.

Takamasa has made it his mission to deliver to everyone who is associated with Hattendo’s products “great taste” and “happiness,” along with “safety and peace of mind.”

Activities By Hattendo

Offering our employees various benefits packages such as infant care leave or company retreats. Besides, we introduce our efforts below as CSR.

Quality Management

Introduction of our persistence on products.

Company profile

Name Hattendo Co., Ltd.
Representative Takamasa Morimitsu, Representative Director
Headquarters address 3-31-7 Miyaura, Mihara, Hiroshima Prefecture, 723-0051
Websites Corporate website
Hattendo Online Shopping
Founded 1933
Incorporated June 25, 1953
Capital ¥10 million
Basic Philosophy To create dreams and hopes for the future and to become the type of person that others will be happy to have met.
Management Philosophy Creating great products, great people, and a great company.
Slogan Aim high! Gold medals for our sweet buns! Pioneer a new food culture with our sweet burger!
Businesses Business focused on a single product, e-commerce business, Cafelie business, overseas business
Employees Approx. 100 (including permanent staff, partners, and temps)
Main trading banks Hiroshima Bank, Chugoku Bank

Company History

1933 Founder, Kaoru Morimitsu, founds Japanese confectionery shop, Morimitsu Hattendo, in Minatomachi, Mihara.
1953 Incorporation of company
1975 Second-generation owner, Yoshifumi Morimitsu, changes store to Western-style confectionery and Japanese confectionery, La Seine Hattendo, in the same location.
1991 Third-generation owner, Takamasa Morimitsu, opens Takachan no Panya bakery in Miyaura, Mihara.
2004 Company headquarters and factory are relocated to Miyaura, Mihara. Adjoining shop is named Komugi Kobo.
2008 Work starts on sweet bun specialty store.
2009 All stores are standardized as sweet bun specialty stores under the “Hattendo” name.
Branch opens in Tokyo.
2011 Hattendo receives Chugoku New Business Award for Excellence from the Chugoku New Business Conference.
Hattendo receives Japan New Business Award for Excellence from the Japan New Business Conferences.
March 2013 Hiroshima Mihara Rinku Factory is established.
November 2013 New company headquarters is established.
August 2015 Hattendo Singapore Pte. Ltd. is established (80 Robinson Road #10-01A Singapore 068898)
July 2016 Hattendo Cafelie opens.
March 2019 HATTENDO International Co.,Ltd. is established.

Partner Companies and Permanent Shops

Partner Companies HATTENDO Retailing Co., Ltd
HATTENDO Treasure Island Hattendo Operation Department
Permanent shops Feb 2011 Metropia Akihabara
Apr 2011 Ecute Shinagawa South shop
Aug 2011 Tokyo st, Keihin Street shop
Oct 2011 JR Hakata city St. shop
Nov 2011 Alio Kurashiki shop
Apr 2012 JR Nagoya Takashimaya shop
May 2013 JR Ikebukuro shop (Melon-Shaped bun)
Aug 2013 Tokyo Metro Nataga-Cyo shop
Sep 2013 LUMINE Shinjyuku (Jam bun)
Oct 2013 Hiroshima airport shop
Oct 2013 Shin-Osaka St. Shop
Apr 2014 ekimo Umeda shop (Ann bun)
Dec 2014 AEON mall Okayama shop (Cream donut)
Jan 2015 (Korea) Lotte
Korea, Lotte Department Main shop
Korea, Hyudai Dapartment Trading Center Store
Korea, Shinsegae Department Konan Store
May 2015 Hattendo Café LaQua shop
May 2015 (Philippines) SM Megamall shop, SM Mall of Asia shop
June 2015 JR Sannomiya shop
Nov 2015 (Taiwan) Global Mall shop
2016 (the Philippines) Green Hills Theater Mall shops


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