What makes the “ultimate” cream bun?
This is a question we have kept asking ourselves.
How much cream? What about the egg flavor? What we eventually arrived at was “ultimate delicateness.”
Dough so soft that it seems that it would fall apart the instant you pick it up.
Cream that is sweet, but not too sweet, and has a fine delicateness.
Anyone who eats our cream buns will think “It’s so delicate!” That is what Hattendo’s Cream Buns are all about.
Light and thick The secret of our Cream Buns’ great taste
Fluffy and moist Fine dough blends perfectly with the cream.
Blending and mixing all done by hand Lashings of thick, rich original cream
Bringing the true flavor of the ingredients to the bun From the classic custard cream to limited-edition seasonal flavors.
Enjoy the many colors and flavors of our sweet buns.
Product List
Cream bun
Premium Frozen Series
Nuke series
Melon-shaped bun
About Hattendo
Hattendo was born more than 80 years ago in Mihara, Hiroshima.
Life was hard for people in those days.
We began with the desire to cheer up the people around us, even a little, through sweet and delicious Japanese confectionery.

After the war, as Western culture became more prevalent in Japan, Hattendo also reached a stage in its history when it shifted from Japanese to Western style.
While retaining the intentions of the founder, new pastries to suit the time were born, one after another.

And now, today, Hattendo is undergoing another transformation.

Our cream buns, which were born of the fusion of the Japanese and Western techniques that have been handed down over many years, are now expanding from Hiroshima to all over Japan and overseas, to Korea, Taiwan, and the Philippines.

We will keep moving forward until the Hattendo Cream Bun becomes a universal language all over the world.
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SINCE1933 Founder, Kaoru Morimitsu, founds Japanese confectionery shop, Morimitsu Hattendo, in Minatomachi, Mihara.
SINCE1958 Incorporation of company
SINCE1975 Second-generation owner, Yoshifumi Morimitsu, changes store to Western-style confectionery and Japanese confectionery shop, La Seine Hattendo, in the same location.
SINCE1991 Third-generation owner, Takamasa Morimitsu, opens Takachan no Panya bakery in Miyaura, Mihara.
SINCE2009 All stores are standardized as sweet bun specialty stores under the “Hattendo” name.
Branch opens in Tokyo.
SINCE2014 Launch of overseas expansion First overseas event Isetan in Singapore
SINCE2015 First overseas subsidiary Hattendo Singapore Pte. Ltd.
SINCE2016 See, make, and eat. Hands-on experience café, Hattendo Cafelie opens.
1933, Showa 8
1953, Showa 28
1975, Showa 50
1991, Heisei 3
2009. Heisei 21
2014, Heisei 26
2015, Heisei 27
2016, Heisei 28
Hattendo Mihara Minatomachi Store
Opening hours: 9:00 a.m. until sold out. Sold out by around lunchtime almost every day.
Closed: Wednesdays
Parking available (space for 7 cars behind the store)
Address: 1-5-20 Minatomachi, Mihara, Hiroshima
Tel: 0848-67-1077
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Hattendo Cafelie
Sweets Surprise
Hattendo Cafelie delivers the surprise, delicious taste, and enjoyment of Hattendo sweet buns.
A new center for communicating the appeal of Hattendo. Creating new value with its café menu and shop.
Enjoy the café menu inspired by the production of our cream buns.
A new sweet bun workshop has been created where customers can see, make, and eat their own buns.
This workshop offers customers the experience of making their very own cream bun, which will be the only one in the world.
Click here for more details.
How Our Cream Buns Are Made
In our pursuit of delicious taste and quality, Hattendo is committed to production only by hand. The dough is mixed and shaped by hand, the cream is blended by hand, and the cream buns are wrapped by hand. This means that our buns cannot be mass produced. Please come and observe our production processes.
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