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Taking Hattendo Cream Buns to the world

What Hattendo wants to deliver to customers is not people’s favorite foods, but rather simple ones that people will not tire of even if they eat them every day.
We want to supply “the people of the world” these ultimate Cream Buns created in Japan! That is our thinking at Hattendo.

However, if we were obsessed with our products being “Made in Japan,” the costs that would necessarily involve would have to be reflected in the price.
Consequently, even though we decided to manufacture locally, initially there were days on end when we ran up against the wall of a different environment to Japan.
The characteristics of all of the raw ingredients such as water, flour and eggs were different and the environment in the sense of temperature and humidity, the most important factors for bread, was completely unalike. Finally, after repeated trial and error of tens or even hundreds of times, we eventually made products that embodied the Hattendo’s ideal.

And the age has changed from the consumption of tangible things to the consumption of ideas.
Until now, people have consumed by buying and eating the things they have wanted to eat. Currently, though, we are in an age when people consume “experiences” and “emotions.”
At Hattendo Singapore, we will pursue “products” and “space” that can appeal more and more to the five senses in order to develop the company in Asia, which is growing significantly and feels uplifting.

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Guide to the Singapore store

Grand opening 3rd Jan 2017(Tue)11:00~

Brand concept
Hattendo Homemade Happiness “casually, but in a slightly luxurious way.”

Hattendo Café is located at Tanjong Pagar Centre Level 1; which has been introduced as the highest building in Singapore, gathering F&B, shops, office, 5 star hotel, and so on.. it is also connected directly to Tanjong Pagar MRT station as well.

The concept is for customers to enjoy the ultimate melt-in-the-mouth product provided by Hattendo “casually, but in a slightly luxurious way.”We want to produce a “space” where people will not just eat, but will experience for themselves the happiness and pleasure of creating, a space that will stimulate the five senses.

Also, customers can dine in, take out or use as gifts. Our sweet breads main choice are the Cream Buns that is like a synonym with Hattendo.
A cafe where you can visit to spend some time with people that is important to you.

Cafe Menu

Our Café supply products in an enjoyable style that allows customers to choose their own combinations. Customers can create an original plate just for themselves by combining Cream Buns with other things such as Salad and Soup as they like

3 flavors of the crouton made by special recipe from Hattendo buns, are served by cereal dispenser as much as you want.

Have a look, there are pretty and tasty jar salad serve with crouton and dressing.

In addition, the coffee provided at our café is an original blend created by Itsuki Coffee, a specialty coffee shop on Miyajima, Hiroshima Prefecture. Miyajima, where Itsuki Coffee store is, help boasts Itsukushima Shrine, which is registered as a site of World Cultural Heritage and features a vermilion torii shrine gateway that floats on the sea. Itsuki Coffee roasts its special coffee beans in a space on this beautiful island redolent in history and nature.

The coffee beans roasted carefully over time and with effort is transported by air to Singapore under thoroughgoing freshness management and is sampled in a state of optimized maturity at all times. Its silky froth is evidence of its freshness.
Cream Buns match it well of course. It also goes perfectly with other items on the menu too so please enjoy the ultimate flavor and fragrance.

Store Information

Items Sweets buns and salad plate lunch
Grand opening 3rd Jan 2017(Tue)11:00~
Number of seats 40
Café address Tanjong Pagar Centre #01-05 7 Wallich Street (S) 078884
Operating hours (Mon〜Fri)10:00~21:00、(Sun、Holiday)11:00〜20:00
Company name Hattendo Singapore Pte.Ltd.


Lotte Department Store, Main Branch

81, Namdaemun-Ro, Jung-Gu, Seoul, Korea(Location:B1)
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Jamsil shop

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+82-2-411-2500 (Main number of Lotte Jamsil store)

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