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Word through the grapevine has long been of cream buns. Nonetheless, we continually work to make our cream buns even better, with a melting soft texture that always begs for another bite. Our cream buns are the result of repeated trials of thousands of recipes. They are a brand new concept and a food that is truly one-of-a-kind in the world – a hybrid of “sweets” and “bread” that tastes great when chilled. Nobody else can make a cream bun that is as perfect as ours. We are delighted to share this happiness, made from the finest ingredients and our passion for perfection, with the people of the world. 


Cream bun


くりーむパン カスタード



Made from the simple taste of custard and rich whipped cream, this is the original HATTENDO cream bun – a true classic.

 くりーむパン カスタード

Cream bun

Whipped Cream

くりーむパン 生クリーム



This delightful recipe uses a larger portion of rich whipped cream, giving the bun a light, airy texture that melts in your mouth like a fine sponge cake.


くりーむパン 生クリーム


Cream bun


くりーむパン 抹茶



The most select “gyokuro” green tea grown in Fukuoka gives this bun a refreshing taste with the aroma of green tea and just a hint of its bitterness.


くりーむパン 抹茶


Cream bun

Azuki sweet bean

くりーむパン 小倉



This flavorful cream is made with Hokkaido red azuki sweet beans, for a delicious combination of Japanese traditional and modern flavors. 


くりーむパン 小倉

Cream bun


くりーむパン チョコ



Enjoy the sophisticated taste of this deeply satisfying but light and smooth combination of our fine cream and delicate chocolate.


くりーむパン チョコ


All handmade

In order to ensure great taste and safe food, the bread-making, cream preparation, and wrapping are all done by hand.


Making our cream buns

1.Making the bread

八天堂 ヒストリー

The dough is very delicate. It must always be handmade so that it is never subjected to vibration or shock.

We make the dough by mixing flour, water, yeast, and other ingredients in an environment of complete hygienic control. After the first rise, the dough is divided carefully so as not to damage it, and then shaped by hand. The dough is then allowed to rise to a soft texture again in a fermentation chamber that is kept at the correct temperature and humidity. When the fresh-baked bread is taken from the oven, the plant is filled with a rich, sweet aroma.

2.Preparing the cream

八天堂 ヒストリー2

This is an important step that cannot be left to machines.

We prepare the perfect cream under careful human supervision.

We carefully mix eggs, milk, and sugar, and cook the mixture gently in a large pot. This step is the key, as the staff judge the quality of the cream by its viscosity, color, and water content. Machines can never produce the level of quality that our specialist staff achieve. The resulting custard is then chilled, and mixed with whipped fresh cream from Hokkaido, creating a custard cream that melts easily in the mouth. This cream is the basis of our all products. Mixing this cream with select ingredients such as strawberry or green tea produces the various flavors that go into our cream buns.

3.Filling with cream and wrapping the buns

八天堂 ヒストリー3

Because the cream buns are so soft, they will be torn if wrapped by a machine.

After the buns cool, we fill each bun with cream by hand. The buns then pass through an X-ray inspection apparatus which checks that there is no contamination and that the buns are filled uniformly with cream. After inspection, we carefully wrap the cream buns one by one.



Kaoru Morimitsu, the founder of HATTENDO, opened the first store in 1933. The first store was a Japanese confectionery shop.

While Japan was in the middle of its worst crisis since the Great Depression, Kaoru Morimitsu wanted to cheer people up with sweet and delicious Japanese confectioneries.

In the 1960’s, Yoshifumi Morimitsu, the second generation president, followed in the footsteps of his father. Japan entered a period of rapid economic growth, and people believed in a happy and wonderful future. Yoshifumi Morimitsu incorporated European-style cakes and pastries into HATTENDO, mirroring the overall development of the country.

Takamasa Morimitsu, the third generation president, is responsible for making the new HATTENDO of today by creating a fusion of Japanese and western confectionery arts.

Takamasa Morimitsu worked and studied at Freundlieb, a famous German bakery in Kobe, for four and a half years. After taking over at HATTENDO, he expanded the company to more than 10 shops in Hiroshima. However he gradually found himself focusing more on “making the next new hit bread product” than on “making great bread.” Eventually, the number of products reached more than 100.

He had forgotten the reason why HATTENDO is HATTENDO, and so he decided to return to the company’s beginnings, which were “happiness for the customers” and “happiness for everyone working at HATTENDO.” He cut the number of products from 100 to just a single product which expressed the ideals of HATTENDO.

Each product must be considered carefully and made with complete dedication to quality. That is the HATTENDO of today.

Working in this way, it is hard to produce a sufficient quantity of our products, but every product is
 made with all our heart for our customers’ happiness.

Takamasa Morimitsu has made it HATTENDO’s mission to deliver great taste, safe food and happiness to our customers. This is what is most valuable to us.

  初代 森光香   二代目 森光義文   三代目 森光孝雅

 Kaoru Morimitsu   Yoshifumi Morimitsu  Takamasa Morimitsu



 Company name    HATTENDO Co., Ltd.
Head office

3-31-7, Miyaura, Mihara city, Hiroshima 723-0051, Japan

Tel: +81-848-62-2645

President Takamasa Morimitsu
HP http://hattendo.jp/
Paid-in capital 10,000,000 JPY
Principal operations Shops specializing in one product each, bread decoration and bread-making class bushiness, café and theme park café business, overseas business, internet sales business
  Number of employees       100